Decode a URL (reverse of a URLEncode)

This function performs the opposite of the ASP Server.URLEncode function. Pass the function an encoded URL and a decoded URL is passed back.

Author: Veign
Catagory(s): ASP ,Miscellaneous ,
Language: VBScript
Type: Code Sample
Posted: December 27, 2005
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Notes: URL Decode

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' Copyright ©2000 - 2015 Veign, LLC All rights reserved
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' Distribution: You can freely use this code in your own
' applications, but you many not reproduce
' or publish this code on any web site,
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Private Function URLDecode(sURL)
    On Error Resume Next

    'Nothing passed
    If Len(sURL) = 0 Then
       URLDecode = ""
       Exit Function
    End If

    'Pluses become spaces
    Dim sOutput
    sOutput = Replace(sURL, "+", " ")

    'Convert %hexdigits to the character
    Dim aSplit
    aSplit = Split(sOutput, "%")

    Dim i
    If IsArray(aSplit) Then
      sOutput = aSplit(0)
      For I = 0 to UBound(aSplit) - 1
        sOutput = sOutput & _
                    Chr("&H" & Left(aSplit(i + 1), 2)) & _
                    Right(aSplit(i + 1), Len(aSplit(i + 1)) - 2)
    End If

    'Pass back the decoded URL
    URLDecode = sOutput
End Function
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