Count lines in a text file (split method)

Function that will return the amount of lines in a passed text file. This method uses a Split function to push each line of the text file into an array, and then uses the Ubound function to return the upper boundry of the array.

Author: Veign
Language: VBScript
Type: Code Sample
Posted: August 20, 2004
Date Revised:

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' Copyright ©2000 - 2014 Veign, LLC All rights reserved
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' Distribution: You can freely use this code in your own
' applications, but you many not reproduce
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Function FileLineCount(strFileName)

  'Create a File System Object
  Dim fso
  Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

  'Get the file contents
  Dim MyFileContents
  Set MyFileContents = fso.OpenTextFile(strFileName)

  'Return the file's line count
  FileLineCount = Ubound(Split(MyFileContents.ReadAll, vbLf))

  Set MyFileContents = Nothing
  Set fso = Nothing

End Function
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